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The future will be powered by truth, not only trust.

The Instant Hour As one of the first public companies in the blockchain sector (OTC: CRCW), we are proud to comply with even higher standards of accountability and governance. Our mission is to build, grow and guide how institutions, entrepreneurs and investors can seamlessly enable a bold new world of blockchain-powered truth, trust and prosperity.

We’re looking for people, technologies, companies and collaborators to help us build a responsible and prosperous future for the blockchain industry. If you’d like to join us, choose your plan and start your first investments in the world of Bitcoin
Plan Percent: 1.45 Hourly
Plan Period: 72 Hour
Min - Max Deposit: $5 - $499
Elite Plan
Plan Percent: 2% Hourly
Plan Period: 72 Hour
Min - Max Deposit: $500 - $5000